I was born in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona (Spain), on November 14, 1978.

Since I was a child I have really enjoyed video games and music. Fan of adventure and RPG games, I always thought that music is one facet of gaming least appreciated or valued. However, we all remember the great soundtracks of some games, soundtracks that became this game in a great product. Of course, the important of a game is the gameplay, but if a good game has a good soundtrack, experience is doubly satisfying.

Historically, I liked music styles as varied as the heavy metal, classical music and electronic music of the 90s.
I was as keyboardist on a hard rock band called "Typharet" few years ago.
Later, I formed the band "Oblidivm" together with Alex Garcia and Andres Martinez, and we composed tracks in which real guitars are mixed with electronic elements, for make a gothic instrumental music, using a simple tracker software.
I gave continuity to the project, this time alone, and without electric guitars, trying to create a more ambient and dark music, like the soundtrack of a scary movie.

After this, for years I was learning with a most advanced music software, but only on a personal level, without working on any specific project, but finally I decided to create some demos to show it to some development teams of videogames, because i wanted to do what I really enjoy doing... the composition of soundtracks.

 My dream became a reality in 2014, when 24 Code Limit studio contacted me to compose the soundtrack of his game for smartphones, "Draugar".

I returned to work with them in the game "Mole in Boots" and I hope to continue composing for them or other development teams  in the future.

Sergio González.

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